Time for a Reset

These past couple of years have been two of the toughest years of my life.  I have seen and experienced loss, sickness, hatred, anger, fear, anxiety, betrayal and countless other negative emotions and experiences.  In a world so big, it is hard to imagine that there is a way to make the world a better place, there is a way to bring positivity and hope back to the world, there is a way to reset and it starts with me and you.  We have to reset our mind, heart, and spirit to believe that there is good in the world, in our nation, in our community, in our family and in our home.  It's time to reset and make your life beautiful.  Life becomes beautiful when you take time to help a person in need, show kindness to a stranger, choose faith over fear, love those around you, show compassion, and follow the example that Christ set for us.  As this year will soon be coming to a close, I encourage you to take some time to reset and make your life beautiful.

Take care and God Bless,

Lisa Maldonado Dominguez

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